The Literary Hatchet is an Internet journal devoted to provocative fiction (short stories) and thoughtful poetry and prose. We are interested in well-written but easy to read works in any genre.

We will consider previously published material but prefer original works.

We accept short fiction essays, first-person narratives, speculative fiction, short stories, poetry, photography, art, and illustrations.

The above is not exhaustive. If you have an idea for a work that doesn't seem to fit into one of these categories, feel free to send us a query. If you don't have an immediate idea for a piece, but you'd really like to write for us, let us know and be prepared to show us work you've done. We can always think of subjects!

SUBMISSION DEADLINES for The Literary Hatchet:
There are no publication deadlines. We publish three times a year.


We do not accept erotica.
We do not accept fiction with excessive crude language or outlandish sexual humor.
We do not accept simultaneous submissions (submitting a piece to more than one journal or site at the same time).
We cannot consider partial or incomplete stories or essays.
We do not accept Haiku poetry, unless as a part of a collection of five or more.


We accept short stories from 500-7,500 words in length. 

We are not a "genre" magazine. We are looking for quality writing in any subject. We want interesting themes, characters, and unexpected resolutions. We aim to be the kind of journal that is difficult to define. We seek to surprise readers. We are open and eclectic.

But to narrow it down somewhat, we love mysterious subjects, ambiguity, thematic focus, and emotional impact. We love surprises and content that shocks (not meaning anything pornographic).

Move us, take unexpected turns. Above all, never bore us with 30-page ramblings that go nowhere--We will trash this kind of junk.

Last of all, write from the most honest knowledgeable place in your heart and we will pay attention.

Please submit your work in Word, Text, or RTF files. NO PDFs please. No email or postal submissions. For all submissions, please include your name, address, email address, and word count on your stories. Also please include a 25-50 word THIRD PERSON bio with the submission.

We have no submission deadlines. Please expect a three month wait (at the most) for our decision. If we are slow with this, we apologize in advance. Feel free to send us a nudge!


RIGHTS: By submission of your work, you are agreeing to The Literary Hatchet and its publisher PearTree Press holding exclusive first-printing world rights for a period of 6 months. During this time, it may not appear anywhere else on the Internet, in print, or sold for profit. Rights revert back to the writer/artist at the end of 6 months.

COMPENSATION AND LENGTH REQUIREMENTS: We pay compensation for all work accepted for publication. Payment is made upon publication. North American contributors can choose between payment by check, PayPal, or a free hard copy of the issue sent to them. Foreign contributors may choose between PayPal or an Amazon gift card. Only North American contributors can choose to receive a hard copy of the issue in lieu of financial compensation.


  •  500-7,500 words — $10



We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.