You may send us a completed manuscript or several sample chapters for consideration. Please use this submission system and do not send us hard copies by mail.

Please include a query letter with your submission. We request you include the following in your query letter: book's genre, anticipated length in words, intended audience, any promotional ideas and contacts the author may have, and short bio.

We will respond to your query within sixty (60) days. If this period passes and you have not heard back from us, a polite note of reminder from the author is not out of order. We discourage phone calls on the status of manuscripts and prefer to communicate by email.

PearTree Press requires exclusive submission for all solicited manuscripts during the sixty days mentioned above. This is for obvious reasons. We can only provide full attention to those manuscripts that we are likely to publish if they are accepted by PearTree Press. After those sixty days, you are fee to submit your work to other publishers.

If you would like a written critique of your work, or would like detailed feedback of your writing, there is a small charge. USE THE CRITIQUE FEE SUBMISSION FORM FOR THIS TYPE OF SUBMISSION. Otherwise, submission of your work is FREE.

If accepted for publication, PearTree Press will offer you a publishing contract that includes a generous and above-instustry-standard royalty fee.