PearTree Press is an independent (indy) publishing company located in Fall River, Massachusetts. We are a different breed of publisher, offering an amalgam of both traditional and innovative strategies in order to meet the needs of today’s authors and artists.

We are NOT a vanity press.

We live to help YOU publish your own works, and have a successful track record working with artists and authors worldwide. We also publish our own creations including The Literary Hatchet, The Hatchet, and primary historical sources that assist researchers. 

For details regarding our Manuscript Services, please visit this link.

Please include a letter with your submission that includes the following: book or manuscript genre, length in words, intended audience, and short bio.

We will respond to your query within sixty (60) days. If this period passes and you have not heard back from us, a polite note of reminder from the author is not out of order. We discourage phone calls on the status of manuscripts and prefer to communicate by email.

If you would like a written critique of your work, or would like detailed feedback of your writing, there is a small charge. USE THE CRITIQUE FEE SUBMISSION FORM FOR THIS TYPE OF SUBMISSION.